Welcome to the Komati Care Centre.

We are a registered non-profit organisation (Registration Number 053 – 765 – NPO) established to feed vulnerable children in the Orlando township, South Africa. The children we help are from a community much in need of help to overcome poverty. We have established a school to provide nursery and pre-school education, which combined with the feeding programme, offers the opportunity for a positive start in life to these children.

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March update

We met the students at the airport. After introductions and some refreshments we collected their car and drove to Komatipoort. At Komatipoort they were shown their accommodation, it was well beyond their expectations, the plus being having a servant and the use of a swimming pool. The first few days were spent acclimatizing and shown […]

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Welcome to our BEAD ladies!

                A Belgian organization started by Bert Driessen and Nancy van Wuytswinkel BEAD, standing for  “Basic Education for African Development”(BEAD),  have been faithful friends of the Komati Care Centre by helping in many ways. As part of their objective to further African Education they have initiated a program […]

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Early Childhood Development

Our new video of the Early Childhood Development Programme can be be viewed in this post:   ♥                          ♥                            ♥ ♥                   […]

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News Letter

Komati Care Center    News Letter October 2016-11-02 And so the year has rushed by, and only a few things left to do, and then it is the long school holiday. The first week after school had opened, everybody had to get things ready for the video that was taken at the care centre.   That […]

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3rd Term

The third term was devoted to food, so that the children are able to understand, that what they eat is of great importance for health, and importantly what is required in preparing the food they eat. Great fun was had in squeezing oranges for juice, grinding wheat for flour mixing mealie meal, peeling fruit and all […]

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A Day Trip to the Game Park

As the second term draws to a close, the children repeated the senses of the human body and in order to illustrate how the body can move participated in a fun-filled, sports day.               As a final send off to the second term the children were transported to the TSB […]

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Visitors from Australia

                                    We had four lovely Australian ladies visit the Komati Care Centre in July.   Judy taught the children to listen and to hop around like kangaroos, and left a lovely kangaroo stamp for the teachers to use. […]

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Sports Day 2016

        The children had such a lot of fun taking part in their annual sports day recently. They raced on their “motorbikes” , they ran and competed in the sack race as well as the egg-and spoon challenge. All of the children participated and all received medals for their effort.     […]

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New Shirts

            The Pels family again supported the Centre by donating a sports jersey for every child, and as can be seen is bringing much joy. Many thanks to Jeroen and Merije.  

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Our New Kitchen

        As mentioned in previous updates , we were hoping to be in a position to fence the property and to upgrade the kitchen. Thanks again to our friends in Jersey this became a reality and the property is now adequately protected and we have a spiffy new kitchen.

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